The images converted with Color Library can be printed in any printing process that uses spot colors, such as: offset, Risograph, silkscreen, letterpress, flexography, etc. Here are a few tips that will help you through the printing process. Printing is a craft in its self, so follow your printers advices.

→  Type of screening
In order to avoid a moiré effect, we advise printing with FM (Frequency Modulated) screening, when you print more than 2 colors. With AM (Amplitude Modulated) screening, however, moiré effects can be avoided by choosing correct screening angles.

→  Printing sequence
Some colors (e.g. metallic inks) have more opacity than conventional printing inks, therefore we advise printing those opaque colors first in the sequence. In any case, the printing sequence should be evaluated with the printer to achieve optimum results.

→  Paper
Color Library profiles are designed to work on any kind of paper stock, coated or uncoated. However the result can vary greatly depending on the types of paper.

→  Wet proofing
We always recommend doing a wet proof on the chosen paper stock.