Color Libray
Research into Color Reproduction and Printing
Design: Maximage
Printing: ECAL / Benjamin Plantier

Edited by Maximage, the publication documents the different chromatic and technical possibilities offered by “Color Library” through the use of different kinds of papers (coated and uncoated), and offers a wide variety of color combinations, from basic colors through metallic, neon, and pastel. It includes photographs by Zurich-based photographer Shirana Shahbazi printed in spot color, essays by Emily King and Manon Bruet describing the context of the project and its ambitions, as well as an essay by Franz Sigg on the evolution and standardization of print. An appendix allows an in-depth understanding of the “Color Library” color combinations.

Custom profile: Black – Cyan – Magenta – Yellow – Silver – Black (On request)
VITRA Workspirit 14
Design: Åbäke
Colors: Åbäke and Maximage
Printing: Petit SK Lublin, Poland

Blue – Orange
Lloyd Corporation, The World For Less 
Design: Gunmad
Printing: Kopa, Lithuania

[METAL] Black – Silver
Taisuke Koyama, Vessel XYZXY
Design: Taisuke Koyama
Printing: Die Keure
Rrose Edition, Paris

[METAL] Black – Cyan – Magenta – Silver – Yellow
Collection Revue 5
Design: Jean-Philippe Bretin, Antoine Stevenot
Printing: Musumeci S.p.A

Custom profile: [METAL] Black – Bronze – Cyan – Magenta – Yellow (On request)
Migrant Journal No.1—Across Country
Design: Offshore Studio, Isabel Seiffert & Christoph Miler
Printing: Offsetdruckerei Grammlich


[METAL] Blue Medium – Bronze
Marc Johnson, lacune féconde : art ↔ archéologie ↔ génétique
Design: Baldinger•Vu-Huu
Printing: Palermo Artes Graficas, Madrid
Edition Analogues

Custom profile: Blue(072) – Green(354) – Orange(021) – Black (On request)
Les Urbaines 1996-2016, Patrick de Rham (éd.)
Design: Daniel Hättenschwiller
Printing: Rotolito Lombarda, Milano
art&fiction publications, 2016


[NEON] Black – Blue – Pink – Yellow
Still, Looking. Works 1969 – 2016, Billy Sullivan
Design: Marietta Eugster
Printing: DZA, Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH
Edition Patrick Frey No 203


[METAL] Black – Gold
Gruen, Guy Meldem
Design: Guy Meldem
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papix   papix-01papix-02-b

[NEON] Black – Green – Red
AA Publication, Bedford Press, 2016
Design: Wayne Daly
Art Direction: Zak Kyes
Printing: Push, London

bedford00 bedford02

Black – Red
L'(hémi)cycle de feuilles et de papier, Simryn Gill
MSK (Museum Schone Kunsten)
Design: Ruud Ruttens

Gill01 Gill02 Gill03

Mondo di colore, a workshop led by Maximage.
Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Milano.


Blue – Red
Blue – Green – Red
Risograph test prints by Issue Press
Printing: Matt Davis and George Wietor


Cyan – Magenta
Daily Archives Search, Kunsthalle Basel
Design: Hammer


[METAL] Black – Silver
V.BLOCC Argent
Design: Maximage
Printer: Musumeci SPA, Quart (IT)
Publish on the occasion of the exhibition GAMUT at Am[ ]bit London
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Color-Library-VBLOCC-00Color-Library-VBLOCC-02 Color-Library-VBLOCC-03

ECAL /Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne
Design: Jonas Berthod (London)


Blue – Red
Green – Red
Blue – Green – Red
Catalog 2015, Edition Patrick Frey
Design: Maximage
Printing: Musumeci SPA, Quart (IT)


Little Joe Magazine, No. 5
Design: Sam Ashby
Illustration: Scott Kepford
Printing: TJ International
Custom Profile: Black – Purple


[METAL] Black – Gold
Albertopolis, A companion
RCA, Critical Writing in Art & Design
Design: Guillaume Chuard
Printer: Lecturis B.V., Eindhoven


Red – Turquoise
La linea della Palma, Istituto Svizzero di Roma
Nero Publishing
Design: Maximage
Printing: 5M, Roma



Blue – Green – Red
[METAL] Black – Silver
The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2013

Design: Maximage
Printing: Druckerei Odermatt AG, Dallenwil

CPL_SwissCPL_Swiss_3DSC_0038 copie